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Transparency, the Hallmark of BISP

Transparency, objectivity and efficiency in service delivery are a hallmark of BISP operations and both international financial institutions and donor agencies have shown full trust and confidence in it. An evidence of international recognition of BISP is the technical and financial support received from international development partners including the World Bank, ADB, DFID, USAID and governments of Iran, China and Turkey. BISP has used technical and financial support in the most effective manner and has ensured the implementation of an across-the-board transparent regime. Transparency and objectivity of BISP operations is considered unparalleled by multilateral financial institutions and international donors for the following reasons:

  • BISP account books are open for all to review; all the relevant operational as well as financial data is available on the BISP’s website for public viewing.
  • Implementation reports pertaining to the utilization of funds, disbursements etc. are shared with the donors on regular basis.
  • Objectivity and accuracy of beneficiary identification exercise (Poverty Survey) has been stamped by independent third party validation.
  • Effectiveness and transparency of BISP payment mechanisms has been established by independent verifications and third party validations done by international agencies like USAID.

Countries like Mongolia, Cambodia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Palestine, Mexico and even India have shown willingness to learn from BISP’s experience and replicate the BISP model in their countries.

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